About Our Creator

About Our Creator

About Our Creator :

Hey guys ! My name is Danae Marie. Founder, director and CEO of BoundlessBeauty INC. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta . I grew up in a lower class, poor family without the money to afford most necessities, let alone popular “luxury brand” products, and my mother had little to, no knowledge on the subject of makeup -subsequently I spent years watching hours, and hours of youtube videos to teach me all different techniques.

As I got older, I learned how to work with all sorts of products, stacking lashes for maximum volume, buying cheap liners and having to add water or oil to the dried-out formula, buying lash glue at the drug store that would just dry out and get clumpy days later. 


Our Mission :

After over 5 years of planning, and extensive market research, BoundlessBeautyINC was born. We began our journey with 5 uniquely designed, signature lash styles, and in the past year, have since added over 20 different products  to our site, that range from natural to glamorous, all while holding up their promise of complimenting any eye shape and makeup style you desire! We hope you find your go-to styles and become a lifelong member of our growing BB family Our mission is to create an all inclusive, sustainable, socially aware,  and AFFORDABLE option for everyone!